XIV: One Final Lap

It came right down to the wire as the final 5 laps were completed in darkness and on the last night before the changeover commenced. It’s been a busy and hectic final few… Continue reading

XIII. Light & Lightning

Stormy weather has provided some spectacular light shows recently.       As the changeover looms and our departure day gets closer, the final fifty laps are now under way. There is still a lot… Continue reading

XII. Endgame

The 400 lap mark was completed at the end of last week and in doing so, the equivalent of walking back to the mainland has been reached. It’s taken just under three months and… Continue reading

XI. In Perspective: Places

This is a second attempt at displaying the island next to famous landmarks and places around the world. Most of these places I’ve never visited so as well as showing how small the island… Continue reading

X. A Tribute to Flight

In tribute to the current featured charity for this leg of the walk the following pictures showcase several types of birds and other things that have been observed flying around the island.  As you can… Continue reading

IX. A Few Baby Turtles

A popular definition of insanity states that if you do the same thing over and over with the expectation of a different outcome, you’re insane. I respectfully disagree. Whoever spoke those words had… Continue reading

VIII. Half Way

Although it’s too early to celebrate just yet, a new milestone has been reached. The 250-lap mark has been crossed off my progress sheet and the half way point is now in the past. Despite the island being relatively… Continue reading

VII. A Transformation

After a temporary hiatus due to passing severe weather (and a resultant increased workload) the walk has resumed. Last week saw a tropical low pressure system pass almost directly over the island, which… Continue reading

VI. In Perspective: Cities

I’m a really big fan of putting things into perspective and not a huge fan of small talk. When people ask me ‘How big is Willis Island?‘ my standard response is ‘Not very‘. To better… Continue reading

V. The Quarter Mark

With the passing of 125 laps today I’m now one-quarter of the way through the walking challenge. The diversity of animal life in such a remote and small area never ceases to amaze me.… Continue reading

IV. The First Milestone

It’s been just over three weeks since the walking challenge began and much has happened on ‘The Island’. The combination of the time of the year, co-incidence, and possible isolation resulting in little… Continue reading

III. Haste Making

Happy New Year! It’s been hot, dry and sunny since late last year but the walking journey continued on throughout the week. For a few days the Coral Sea transformed into a great lake… Continue reading

II. Deep Thoughts

The idea to embark on a charity walk came to me about a week after I arrived on the island. I always wanted to do something but wasn’t sure exactly what. In the… Continue reading

I. The Journey Begins

Welcome to the Coral Sea Islands! My name is Matt and I work as a weather observer at the Willis Island Meteorological Office. I’m stationed here for a 6 month posting between October 2013… Continue reading